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The Valor Club

The Valor Club, located on 200 acres of prime real estate five miles southeast of downtown San Antonio,  will be the first-ever full service community dedicated to the unique needs and well-being of transitioning Veterans and their families. 

Of today's Veterans, 65% reported difficulties in adjusting to civilian life. Nearly 80% leave the military without jobs, and 60% without arrangements for a stable and permanent place to live.  Of those, 50% reported significant physical or mental helath issues and are not receiving care. Over 75% of those without jobs are not receiving assistance in finding employment. They do not know where to go or who to contact for help.

The Valor Club will offer a wide variety of amenities to transitioning service members, such as affordable safe housing, access to health, wellness and recreational facilities, counseling and guidance, job training, and comradery with fellow transitioning Veterans.